Classical Fantasy in Tenerife

A pleasurable experience of music mind, body and soul

Join us and listen to amazing music at the end of the world

An international Concert-Masters team in a luxury suite hotel

February 17th-24th, 2019

The way I see it, the island of Tenerife is at the End of the World. I always wanted to go there.

We went there last summer. I was enthusiastic and asked Danny, my partner, to go and check it out for himself.

We discovered an amazing place: the weather is wonderful throughout the year, and there’s a feeling of a virginal, uncharted paradise.

When I was there, I thought that anyone who had not yet visited Tenerife should add this experience to their bucket list. When I think about pleasure, it’s always mixed with music. We found an hotel that is a piece of paradise, and there we decided to produce a kind of “Music and Health Festival” to our selected customers.

I would like to invite you to the island of Tenerife, which is located about 330 km west of the African continent.

What will we do there?

A group of “concert-masters” team from the Netherlands, Iceland, Canada, USA and Israel – the most senior musicians from the finest orchestras in the Netherlands – all soloists in their instruments – will play for us every day.

We recruited Professor Michael Meltzer, one of the heads of the Jerusalem Music Academy, who for years managed one of the most amazing chamber music festival in Kfar Blum and an esteemed player in his own right, who created a fascinating and interesting musical program with the best chamber works of Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven, Bach, Schubert and their friends. It will give us an intimate and special listening experience.

Dr.(MD) Kobi Arad, a senior physician and director of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Yoseftal Hospital, will also join us and enlighten us on urgent medical matters, medicine, Hyperbaric Chambers and health in general.

We will be taught Pilates by no other than the Queen of Pilates in Israel, Mrs. Dalia Mantver – she will give lessons every day, focused at improving the body and the soul.

The chosen hotel is of the highest quality, with luxurious suite rooms, swimming pools and fine dining.

Between the concerts, the Pilates and the excellent meals, we will tour the island and visit the Tide volcano, the pyramids of Guimar, the city of Santa Cruz and more.

Would you like to join me?

Ziv Ben – CEO & Artistic Director and initiator of the trip

Sunday, February 17th, 2019

After landing and driving along the beach, we will arrive in the afternoon at our luxurious hotel, located a few minutes from the Costa Adeje beach.

After check in, you are welcome to join Dalia Mantver for easy walking and breathing exercises on the beach. For those who are tired, we suggest taking a little rest before dinner.

After dinner we meet with our team of lecturers and presentation. “Intimate encounter at the end of the world” – A concert with the participating artists

Monday, February 18th, 2019

Enjoy a Pilates experience by the pool, guided by Dalia Mantver.

Right after breakfast we will listen to Dr. Kobi Arad’s lecture: “One horse entered the emergency room“. For those who are interested, we invite you to a guided walk by the beach.
After lunch we will listen to a lecture by Prof. Michael Meltzer. In addition, Michael will focus the contents of the evening concert. Following the lecture “Intimate Encounter at the End of the World” – an evening of acquaintance with the participating artists.

After dinner we will listen to the first chamber concert “The Winds in Tenerife” – works by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

At 8 AM, Dalia Mantver invites you to exercise at the hotels pool.

After a hearty breakfast, we will visit the Tide volcano. During the trip we will have a coffee break. We will return to our hotel for rest during the afternoon.

Later, a lecture by Michael Meltzer on the focus of the evening concert, afterwards we will listen to the concert “German nobility and French exoticism” – Bach, Mozart, Beethoven Ravel and Faure.

Watch our magnificent hotel

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Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

After a Pilates lesson and breakfast, we will listen to Dr. Kobi Arad’s lecture on “Hyperbaric Chamber – No Pressure …” – an Introduction to diving accidents, hyperbaric medicine and some Anti-Aging as well.

After the lecture we will join an open rehearsal conducted by the excellent musicians of “Classic Tenerife Group”, all accompanied with explanations by Prof. Michael Meltzer.

At 4:00 PM we will invite you to take a walk and a deep breath on the beach followed by listening to Michael Meltzer’s pre-evening lecture.

Right after dinner you are all invited to the concert titled “Romance of Holiness and secularism” works by Handel, Bach, Beethoven Mozart and Schumann.

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

After breakfast we will take a trip to the Guimar Pyramid. We will understand the meaning of the “double sunset” seen on the solstice between summer and winter, followed by trip to the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife followed by the Auditorium which created by the renowned architect Santiago Calatrava.

After returning to our hotel, we will be exposed to the evening events that will include the introductory lecture of the fourth concert, “Death and the Maiden” – by Franz Schubert followed by works of Bach and Mozart.

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

After a Pilates lesson and breakfast, we will listen to Dr. Kobi Arad’s lecture “Hypertension – the Silent Killer”. At the end of the lecture we will join our musicians for an open rehearsal accompanied by explanations by Prof. Michael Meltzer.

After lunch and a little rest, we will listen to the fifth concert – “The Love of the Flute” – music by G.P Telemann, Mozart and Brahms.

The evening will be a free – you can dine in a good restaurant at the beach, with a refreshing walk along the waves or any other leisure activity.

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

After breakfast we head to the beautiful cliffs at the north of Tenerife Island. After returning to the hotel and a short rest, we will hear the final lecture by Michael Meltzer, as well as focus at the evening concert.
After a final and festive dinner, we will celebrate the end of our festival with light and enjoyable concert. The Grand Finale concert will include works by Bach, Ravel, Faure and others.

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

After breakfast we will head to the airport, return refreshed and charged with experiences from the End of the World.

Join us on this fabulous trip

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The trip includes:

  • Flights to Tenerife and back via Madrid operated by Iberia
  • A luxurious tour bus is attached to the group during the entire travel period as required
  • 7 nights at the 5-star GF Victoria Hotel Deluxe on HB
  • A guide on behalf of “Sky Global Productions”
  • Music lectures by Prof. Michael Meltzer
  • Pilates classes, guided walks and training at the pool with Ms. Dalia Mantver
  • All lectures by Dr. Kobi Arad
  • A preliminary meeting in Israel before the trip
  • Entrances to all sites and museums
  • Additional meals
  • Tips for service providers
  • Personal audio system (whispers)
  • Porterage services and quick entrance to the hotel

*** The right to change is reserved for the organizers

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