Jazz and Carnival in Tenerife

February 20th – February 27th, 2020

When New Orleans meets Cuba: An International Music Festival in Tenerife

We would like to invite you to Tenerife – the island of eternal spring! Join us for a unique experience of music, body and soul!

Come with us and participate in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Music and Rhythm Carnival. This is the second music festival we produce in Tenerife. The 2020 season will have us exploring the music of New Orleans with a bit of Latin spice.

At the southern coast of Tenerife, among beautiful gardens and palm and coconut trees, lies a magical hotel – our home for this trip and the central venue of our music events.

We offer you the perfect vacation in paradise. A wonderful mix of music, good food and great fun.

You can start each day with the “Pilates Queen” of Israel – Dalia Mantver. Each morning, we’ll stretch, refresh and take a deep breath in the open air of this magical island.

After a 5-star breakfast, you can choose from a selection of lectures and excursions. You’ll attend the world’s second largest carnival in Santa Cruz City, and enjoy a plethora of jazz concerts, all in a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere.

We’ve assembled the best international artists, that will perform New Orleans music and passionate Latin music – just for you!

Artists from New Orleans, England, France, Germany, Cuba, the Netherlands and Spain will join the festival. We’ll celebrate a tribute to Louis Armstrong, tell the story of the Buena Vista Social Club, enjoy a Blues Evening, a tribute to “The Great Entertainers of the 1930s”, honor the beautiful songs by Cole Porter, and much more!

Only a limited number of seats is available!

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

After a flight to the Canary Islands, we will land in Tenerife. We’ll arrive at the luxurious 5-Star GF VICTORIA Suite Hotel. The hotel will be our home for the duration of the trip, as well as the central hub for the music shows. A short tour will reveal the wealth of options and amenities. After dinner – the first concert! “A Jam and Beer Session” with the festival’s artists.

To view the luxurious hotel, click on the video below:

Friday, February 21st, 2020

Early risers can enjoy a fun Pilates experience today, with “Pilates Queen” Dalia Mantvar. Refresh, stretch and welcome the day with joy and gentleness.

After breakfast – a lecture by Mr. Denny Ilett, Artistic Director of the Bristol International Jazz Festival (UK): “All about the Blues“. The lecture will be accompanied by demonstrations.

After that, a Latin Percussion Workshop, with Master of percussion Mr. Nils Fisher (Netherlands / Germany), Europe’s best percussionist, including explanations of the wonderful world of the beat, that has been part of jazz for many decades.

For those feeling athletic, a guided walk on the beach by Dalia Mantver will be available, accompanied by delightful breathing exercises.

The afternoon will be spent listening to a concert of Nat King Cole’s great love songs with pianist David Newton and singer / saxophonist Ray Gelato.

Later that night, after a 5-star dinner, two jazz shows: “New Orleans Soul” with the wonderful New Orleans-born singer, Teedy Boutte and the ITJB band; and songs by “The Great Entertainers” Lewis Jordan, Cub Callaway and Lewis Prima together with singers and our International Festival Orchestra – ITJB.

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Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

We’ll start the morning with Pilates – relaxing and stretching. After breakfast, we will head towards the “Teide” volcano. The bravest of us can choose (if weather permits) to climb up the mountain.

After a short rest at the hotel, we will listen to the wonderful story of the “Buena Vista legend” – with “Latino-Cuban Quartet” including singer Yanella Brooks (Cuba / Spain), pianist Marcel Abel (Cuba) and percussionist Nils Fisher (Netherlands / Germany) and Sebastien Girardot (bass).

A 5-star dinner, and a perfect ending of the day – two jazz concerts, with vocalist / blues guitarist Denny Ilett (UK): “From BB King to Jimi Hendrix – The Great Blues Evening”, followed by “A Tribute to Coleman Hawkins And the great tenor players” with Ray Gelato on saxophone and festival musicians.

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

We’ll start the day with a feel-good combo: a Pilates class and breakfast. After that, we’ll head towards Los Christianos for the big cruise “Following the whales and dolphins”.

During the afternoon, we’ll join Cuban pianist Mr. Abel Marcel for “Latin Kiss” , a piano recital of works by the Cuban composer Ernesto Lacuna. The evening will continue with two sets: “The Great American Songbook” – lead by Tricia Boutte (New Orleans) Yanella Brooks (Cuba) and Ray Gelato (UK). The second set is all about swing masters Benny Goodman and Sydney Bechet – “Master of Clarinet” -with Adrian Cox and the ITJB Festival Orchestra.

Monday, February 24th, 2020

A Pilates class, followed by a lecture with Ziv Ben: “100 Years of Jazz” – a presentation of the major styles in jazz – from the early 20th century to the present.

In the afternoon, singer Tricia Boutte will pay a special tribute to Billy Holiday: “The Lady in satin”. This concert will be led by master Ian Bateman (UK).

After dinner, we will listen to “Deep Blue – a Louisiana Blues recital” by clarinetist Adrian Cox and the International Festival players, followed by one of the highlights of the festival: “When New Orleans Kisses Cuba”.

Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

This is “Carnival Day”! After a Pilates class and breakfast, we will head to the “Santa Cruz Carnival” – the second largest carnival in the world. During this time period, carnivals are celebrated in all seven Canary Islands, but the Santa Cruz Carnival in Tenerife is considered the biggest and most beautiful of all. We will participate in a parade known as “Coso Apotheosis” – announcing the end of the Carnival in Tenerife –  the pinnacle of the carnival.

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

The last day will be spent comfortably at the hotel, with a Pilates class in the morning. In the afternoon – a concert of Cole Porter’s beautiful songs “The Great Love Songs”, with singers Ray Gelato and Denny Ilett. Also in the afternoon – “Louis Armstrong – The Legend” with trumpet / vocalist Enrico Tomasso and international festival players. We will conclude our trip with a dinner party and a grand finale concert with the soloists and festival musicians.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The last day on the island. Leaving with a wonderful feeling of satisfaction, excitement and a sense of renewed strength.

Join us in paradise

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The trip includes:

• 7 nights at the GF Victoria Suites Hotel Five Star Deluxe based on HB.
• A luxurious tour bus throughout the trip as required.
• A group guide on behalf of Sky International Productions.
• Entry to all concerts.
• Musical guidance by Mr. Ziv Ben, Artistic Director of Hot Jazz (Israel) and Mr. Denny Illet (UK) artistic director – Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival
• Pilates lessons, guided walks and pool training with Ms. Dalia Mantver.
• Entrance to all sites.
• Service provider tips.
• Quick hotel entrance.

*** The right to change is reserved for organizers

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