Tenerife 2020 – The Artistic Plan

Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Concert #1 – “Jam and Beer with the Festival Artists”

The grand opening of the festival, with International Tenerife Jazz Band.

Friday, February 21st, 2020

Concert #2 – “Nat King Cole”

The great love songs of Nat King Cole with pianist David Newton and singer / saxophonist Ray Gelato.

Concert #3 – “New Orleans’ Soul”

with the wonderful New Orleans-born singer, Teedy Boutte and the ITJB band.

Concert #4 – “The Great Entertainers of the 20s”

Lewis Jordan, Cub Callaway and Lewis Prima together with singers and our International Festival Orchestra – ITJB.

Saturday, February 22nd, 2020

Concert #5 – “The Story of the Buena Vista Social Club”

with “Latino-Cuban Quartet” including singer Yanella Brooks (Cuba / Spain), pianist Marcel Abel (Cuba) and percussionist Nils Fisher (Netherlands / Germany) and Sebastien Girardot (bass).

Concert #6 – “The Great Blues Evening”

 with vocalist / blues guitarist Denny Ilett (UK).

Concert #7 – “A Tribute to the Great American Songbook”

Ray Gelato on saxophone and festival musicians.

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Concert #8 – “Piano Recital: A Tribute to Ernesto Lecuona”

A piano recital of works by the Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona. With Cuban pianist Mr. Abel Marcel

Concert #9 – “A Tribute to Benny Goodman”

A tribute to Benny Goodman and Sydney Bechet  with Adrian Cox and the ITJB Festival Orchestra.

Concert #10 – “A Tribute to Coleman Hawkins and the Great Tenor Players”

lead by Tricia Boutte (New Orleans) Yanella Brooks (Cuba) and Ray Gelato (UK).

Monday, February 24th, 2020

Concert #11 – Billy Holiday: “The Lady in Satin – a Tribute to Billy Holiday”

Singer Tricia Boutte will pay a special tribute to Billy Holiday. This concert will be led by master Ian Bateman (UK).

Concert #12 – “Deep Blue – the Louisiana Blues Clarinet”

With clarinetist Adrian Cox and the International Festival players.

Concert #13 – “When New Orleans Meets Cuba”

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Concert #14 – “The Great Love Songs of Cole Porter”

 A concert of Cole Porter’s beautiful songs with singers Ray Gelato and Denny Ilett.

Concert #15 – “A Tribute to Louis Armstrong”

With trumpet / vocalist Enrico Tomasso and international festival players.

Concert #16 – “The Grand Finale”

End-of-festival concert  with the soloists and festival musicians.

The Artists – International Tenerife Jazz Band 

Tricia Boutté  – Vocals (New Orleans)
Yanela Brooks – Vocals and Piano (Cuba)
Ray Gelato – Vocals and Saxophone (UK)
Denny Ilett – Artistic Director, Guitar and Vocals (UK)
Adrian Cox – Clarinet, Saxophone and Vocals (UK)
Ian Bateman – Trombone (UK)
Enrico Tomasso – Trumpet (UK)
Sebastien Girardot – Bass (France)
Nils Fischer – Percussion (Germany)
Julie Saury – Drums (France)
David Newton Piano (UK)
Abel Marcel – Piano (Cuba)

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Abel Marcel – Piano (Cuba)

abel marcel

Adrian Cox – Clarinet, Sax & Vocals (UK)

David Newton – Piano (UK)

Denny Ilett – Artistic Director, Guitar & Vocals (UK)

Enrico Tomasso – Trumpet (UK)

Ian Bateman – Trombone (UK)

Nils Fischer – Percussion (Germany)

Ray Gelato – Vocals and Saxophone (UK)

Sebastien Girardot – Bass (France)

Tricia Boutté – Vocals (New Orleans)

Yanela Brooks – Vocals and Piano (Cuba)

Julie Saury – Drums (France)

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