Frank Sinatra – A Man and his Music

Frank Sinatra – A Man and his Music

with Denny Ilett Guitar Player& Vocalist from England

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We invite you to a series of 3 musical lectures with the great Guitar player, Vocalist, the Artistic Director of Bristol Jazz Festival Denny Ilett from Bristol, GB!

Frank Sinatra is one of the most iconic, celebrated and influential vocalists of the 20th Century. As an actor he is an Academy Award winner. As a philanthropist and activist he worked tirelessly for charities and civil rights throughout his life. As a man he was complex, intense and fragile. All of these things are well known and well documented.

For this three-part lecture, however, we will explore Sinatra the musician.

What made this son of poor Italian immigrants become such a musical giant? What were the key points through his career that make him stand out as the icon he was? What was his relationship with his musicians and orchestrators really like? Why is he still seen as the ultimate interpreter of the Great American Songbook?

We will answer all these questions, and many more, as we discover the artist behind the celebrity.

Denny Ilett, a professional musician for more than 35 years and a self-confessed Sinatra disciple will share his knowledge and passion for the music of Frank Sinatra using rare archive film of the great man in action along with lots of little known facts highlighting his incredible musicianship.

Along the way, we will meet his primary musical influences, his chief orchestrators and some of the worlds best instrumentalists who, despite their busy working lives, would always clear their diaries for the opportunity to make music with the ‘Chairman Of The Board’.

Recorded Musical Lecture No. 1

“All Or Nothing At All”

We will take a brief look at Sinatra’s upbringing and the America that he was born into. From there, we will see how he began to discover his voice after hearing a combination of Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby and Billie Holiday. We then look at his early professional career and rise to stardom with the bands of Harry James and Tommy Dorsey before becoming the most successful solo artist of the 1940’s. Sinatra singlehandedly creates the cult of celebrity as 1000’s of ‘Bobbysoxers’ cram into the theatres to swoon and scream at their idol’s every word.

Recorded Musical Lecture No. 2

“Songs For Swingin’ Lovers”

As musical tastes changed in the early 50’s, stars such as Sinatra faced a challenge to remain relevant. A chance encounter with arranger Nelson Riddle and a new approach with his new record label Capitol led to, arguably, his most productive recording years. Here, we see Sinatra evolve from ballad singer to consummate swinger! Later, in order to gain more control over his musical output, Sinatra formed his own record label, Reprise, and made many more artistic milestones into the late 1960’s.

Recorded Musical Lecture No. 3

“The Concert Sinatra”

After a brief ‘retirement’ in 1971, Frank Sinatra returned with a new album, and a new nickname Ol’ Blue Eyes. From this point on Sinatra transforms again; this time into a globetrotting concert performer. Recording takes more of a backseat as touring begins to occupy most of his time and energy. This ‘third career’ of Sinatra’s culminates with, first, the iconic New York, New York through recordings with Quincy Jones and on to the hugely successful ‘Duets’ albums from the early 1990’s.

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