The Great Male Jazz Vocalists

The Great Male Jazz Vocalists

with Denny Ilett Guitar Player& Vocalist

from England

To all our dear friends,

We invite you to a series of 3 musical lectures with the great Guitar player, Vocalist, the Artistic Director of Bristol Jazz Festival Denny Ilett from Bristol, GB!

A series of three lectures, including rare videos, exploring the evolution of jazz singing from the male perspective. We will travel through time from Louis Armstrong in the 1920’s to Ray Charles in the 1960’s. On the journey we discuss how each iconic vocalist influenced the next in the pursuit of vocal jazz perfection.

Strictly the Bristol-based guitarist is Denny Ilett has been playing professionally since the mid-80s, perfecting a range of guitar styles across jazz, blues, rock and swing that enable him to shine in almost any context. As Artistic Director and joint founder of the Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival he has brought to the city great names.

Denny Ilett  is rare commodity – a virtuoso British guitarist and a talented writer/arranger, who has honed his chops not on the UK scene but rather by playing and touring with some of New Orleans finest including Lillian Boutte and members of such notable bands as The Meters, Dr John and the Harry Connick Jnr Big Band.

Louis Armstrong

Frank Sinatra

Ray Charles

Recorded Musical Lecture No. 1

The Pioneers – Louis Armstrong, ‘Fats’ Waller & Cab Calloway

When jazz met popular music at the end of the 1920’s a melodic explosion occurred. Before this, songs were performed exactly as they were written. Music, from now, would never be the same as artists began to interpret popular songs their own way; improvising and altering the melodies allowing them a new level of individuality.


Recorded Musical Lecture No. 2

The Great Crooners – Bing Crosby & Frank Sinatra

These two icons represent, to this day, the epitome of jazz-flavored pop singing. Their influence on 20th Century music is vast. Here, we will discover how and why they were both perfectly placed to revolutionize the genre and, also, the huge effect they had on songwriters, orchestrators and instrumentalists.


Recorded Musical Lecture No. 3

From Jazz to Rhythm & Blues

Nat ‘King’ Cole, Billy Eckstine & Ray Charles

The 1940’s and 50’s saw a new generation of vocalists taking elements of jazz, blues, pop and gospel; mixing them together into a fresh sound that eventually led to Rock n Roll, Soul and Funk music. This was the era when all the lessons of the past 20 years were consolidated to create a post-war musical revolution.

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*Price 120 NIS  or 28£ for the three lectures

We would love to see you with us!

Cab Calloway

Bing Crosby

Nat King Cole

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