Dalia Mantver

The Leader of the Pilates Culture in Israel

It all began in 1976, when Dalia Mantver acquired the rights to use the Pilates method, was certified as a master and became the first Pilates owner in Israel. For forty years Dalia has been working on Pilates distribution in Israel, focusing on developing and diversifying the method, expanding the repertoire of the exercises and adapting them to different audiences, and the needs of modern life. Dalia’s dynamic personality, in addition to her total commitment to promoting the Pilates culture in Israel, has attracted a large and diverse audience of practitioners, including cultural, artistic and business people.

Today, Dalia Mantver is a Pilates Master (certified by Pilates International), entrepreneur, founder and distributor of the Pilates Method in Israel, the principal of the largest and most professional teacher training school in Israel (in cooperation with the Wingate Academic College).

Beyond her position in the Pilates world, Mantver is considered one of the leading figures in female entrepreneurship, as a woman who has faced many obstacles and managed to build a prosperous empire against all odds.

Her unique Pilates method focuses on man as an emotional, physical and mental complex, not only in his muscles, when each gymnast brings the whole of his being and personality to the lesson. Realizing that the needs of the trainees are different, Dalia Mantver developed a modern and dynamic Pilates method, based on the classical principles of technique but adapted to the reality in which we live. In this method each gymnast enjoys a personal lesson, in which a special lesson plan is developed, adapted to his age, lifestyle, physical ability, and even his given situation on the same day, with flexibility and adapting the lessons to his personal needs.

Dalia Mantver’s Believing Self “Pilates builds quality of life, improves your abilities, increases your physical strength, balances you physically, mentally and mentally.”

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