Koby Arad MD

ד"ר קובי ארדDr. Koby Arad was born and raised in Haifa, studied medicine in the Ben-Gurion University Medical School, where he met his wife, Dr. Tova Arad.

Specialized in internal medicine in the Tel-Aviv Medical Center, in nephrology in the Sheba medical center, and was among the founders of the emergency medicine department at Sheba. He is one of the ‘founding fathers” of emergency medicine as independent medical specialty in Israel.

In 1997 he relocated to Eilat to head the emergency medicine department in Joseftal Hospital there, in a 7 years contract. 21 years passed since then…

Aside his main position, Dr. Arad directed also the institute for hyperbaric medicine (the pressure-chambre), and treated hundreds diving-accidents in Eilat. Dr. Arad teaches in the medical schools of Tel-Aviv and Beer-Sheba. His side-interests involve medical ethics and medical education. He is the chairman of the Joseftal ethical committee, and member of the “Physicians for Human rights” ethical committee, an organisation he was one of its founders.

Out of the white gown, Koby Arad has a wide variety of fields of interests, including off-road driving, chorus singing, running and Football-Club Barcelona.

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